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“Within a very short time, Mr. Reißmann was able to significantly improve the company’s liquidity situation and present a positive monthly balance sheet without questioning the necessary investments. His decisions were characterized by a consistent focus on results and consideration of customer concerns. We would like to thank Mr Reißmann for this change.

He has continuously implemented the definition and introduction of stable business processes, taking into account key performance indicators and legal standards.

Mr. Reißmann led the development of the new production line Automotive with great commitment and successful implementation of the interests of the company.

In addition, Mr. Reißmann developed the strategic concept of the company’s reorientation with a clear market and customer focus as well as the company integration of the two locations … and implemented them very successfully.

Mr. Reißmann has a very comprehensive and outstanding expertise … “

Heinz. U. Kessel

Majority shareholder, FCT Group

“The solutions he planned led to a significant expansion of these business areas and thus represent a cornerstone for the economic success of the entire company.

In particular, his extraordinary and very successful commitment to the main markets North America and Japan should be mentioned.

In addition to his fundamental expertise in his area of expertise, this success is also due to his comprehensive business management perspective.


Throughout his appearance, Mr. Reißmann proved always as a leader with foresight on the one hand and an eye for what is possible on the other.

His success proves entrepreneurial format.

We particularly appreciate Mr. Reißmann’s ability to create original and unconventional highly successful solutions that express his extremely high level of creativity and versatility. “


Dr. Mario Ledig

Plant Manager, LINOS Photonics GmbH

“Mr. Reißmann is a personality who always leads the areas assigned to him with great commitment in a goal-oriented and results-oriented manner and further develops them through a variety of initiatives.

His excellent broad ranged knowledge is based on both competence and business skills … “

Dr. Hans-Joachim Richter

Sales and Marketing Director, LINOS AG

“Mr. Reißmann has excellent technical and economic expertise.”

Dr. Frank Diedrich

Managing Director, Gsänger Optoelektronik GmbH